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Keeping Fit in Winter!
Nicola Blackburn October 13, 2016 No Comments

Keeping Fit in Winter!

So it’s only October but before we know it Christmas will be upon us. Now is the perfect time to start raising the bar and keeping fit ready for all the Christmas celebrations – do you have a party outfit you want to squeeze into?

keeping fit

Check out our top tips on keeping fit in Winter:-

  • Take the stairs! If you’re at work or shopping, ditch the lift! Taking the stairs will burn extra calories and tone up your legs and bum!
  • Watch the calories! Make sure you eat a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables which contain fibre. Cut out the rubbish and try to eat a healthy balanced diet.

Fruit salad

  • Get off the bus a stop or 2 early! Going for a quick walk in the morning before work can not only burn extra calories but it will also clear your head and make you ready for the day ahead at work!
  • Get enough sleep! When you’re sleep deprived you tend to lack motivation to exercise and binge eat. Make sure you get a decent night’s sleep – around 7/8 hours a night is recommended.
  • Dance in the kitchen! Put the radio on when you’re cooking tea or getting ready to go out. Dancing for just 20 minutes will burn off 100 calories!
  • Keep hydrated! Drinking plenty of water will help to reduce stomach bloating and flush out all the toxins in your body.

Water flowing in a glass

  • Enter an event. There’s a huge choice of mud events or races coming up over the Autumn months. It would be a great opportunity to push you to start training or running – especially if you have something to aim for.
  • Keep a supply of healthy snacks at home just in case you need a quick fix! Check out our recent blog on Healthy Snacking for a few ideas!
  • Finally, come down to one of our classes! We provide a variety of calorie burning fitness classes around the West Yorkshire area. Our classes include PiYo, Insanity and P90X (for further class information click here) and we cater for all levels of fitness. Come and trial one of our classes for FREE – you won’t be disappointed! Contact us today to book your FREE place!

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