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Hayden Wilson Head of PE department for Abbey Grange Academy, Leeds

“Nicola delivers high quality fitness classes in a high school setting for all students across all key stages and all abilities including staff. Her classes and activities are delivered with a high level of energy and effort and her vibrant and dynamic approach allows her to get the most out of her classes.

Nicola is sensitive to the needs of individual students and staff and she differentiates and structures her classes to cater for all abilities.

I fully endorse the fantastic work that Nicola does and would have no hesitation in recommending her for work in a school setting.

Nicola has worked in my own school and has played an important part in helping girls and boys and members of staff to improve their personal fitness and life chances.


“I had been thinking about PT for a while as I wanted more structure to my training. I asked at my regular gym and there was nothing on offer. A friend recommend Nicola and I knew I wanted to push myself harder and work out more effectively than I would on my own. Since having PT I have become infinitely fitter and that really does affect how I feel about myself. I am more confident knowing that I can achieve my goals and knowing that physically I am fit and  healthy.

Continuing with PT is something I choose to do because I know it is an investment in myself-for the long term.